March 2012

North sea beach

As it’s March already and this site has had a rather long break over the past few weeks, here’s a bit of an update: there was a very interesting ALT webinar with Diana Laurillard and Stephen Downes, the recording of which is now available. The most recent edition of the ALT Newsletters which features an article about The Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE) School Support Pack by Sugata Mitra has also been published together with an announcement about my appointment as ALT’s new Chief Executive – which I am very much looking forward to. I’ve also been learning how to set up and make the best use of a Google Apps domain and have been involved in various activities for JISC’s Developing Digital Literacies programme. On a non-technology-related note, I have been experimenting with making Florentines (with mixed, if delicious results) and making a plan for what to grow in the veg patch for the new season.