June and July 2012

In this rainy summer I have not blogged very much partly because things have been busy and partly because I was on holiday. So this brief update covers both June and July.
One of the things that I have been catching up with is the UNESCO World OER Congress releasing the 2012 Paris OER Declaration which calls for governments to openly licence those educational materials which are publicly funded. I find the Creative Commons Licences website a valuable resource in learning more about and determining which licence to use for what. The website also has a tool which helps you choose the appropriate licence for those of us who are uncertain which is easy to use and clear to understand. But besides catching up with technology and education related developments, I have also been enjoying the multitude of sport happening this summer and following the England Cricket team’s wins alongside Wimbledon. This Monday the Olympic torch will be travelling through Oxford and I look forward to seeing it arrive together with my colleagues. Let’s hope the weather cooperates.