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Back from #altc2013


Back from the ALT annual conference, this year celebrating 20 years of ALT and catching up with all the things I missed over the past three days. In addition to all the blog posts and tweets, one news items that caught my eye this morning is the Technology in FE and Skills supplement published today by FE Week. There is a short interview with me in it and a lot of interesting features with participants from across the conference, including the Learning Technologist of the Year Award #ltaward. I will also have a look at the open online platform to watch some of the already aired YouTube interviews from the live broadcast. Looking forward to next year in Warwick!

The cemeteryscapes archives

For the past two years I have edited and compiled the cemteryscapes blog together with many contributors who kindly sent us their pictures, links and articles. The blog started as a community project during the last year of my PhD and then gained a modest, but loyal community of readers across the world. We featured cemeteryscapes from many countries and material culture from Africa, the United States, Skandinavia, Southern Europe and the UK – everything from coffin exhibitions to boneywards, from conservation to natural burial practices. Now the blog has been turned into an archive which will continue to be available online and as a PDF and I hope that it will continue to be interesting and relevant to the active community of cemetery researchers which I have had the pleasure to be a part of.